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fun facts

  • I am a mom to 2 sets of twins - that's 4 kids - each has a twin. :) 

  • In 6th grade I lost a spelling bee on purpose (I was in the running!) because I was too timid to move on to the next round where I would compete in front of kids I didn't know.

  • For many years now, on the eve of each April Fool's Day, I trick my kids and husband by painting their toenail while they sleep! They even try to be clever by wearing socks to bed. But, that never works.

  • I have traveled around the world and spent time in Australia, Thailand, Europe, China, Canada and Mexico. 

  •  If I was going to be stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing, it would be... peanut butter!  (Did you think I would say a really good book?)

  • I attended the Art of Picture Book Writing this summer with lovely agent, Adria Goetz, in Tuscany!


About Me

I grew up and currently live in the Heartland. As a kid, I lived a few blocks from school and shared a room with my two sisters. (My brother had his own room.) On weekends, we spent time on the farm, playing tag on top of the rows of hay bales, catching baby frogs in the squishy mud by the cornfields, and building snow forts and tunnels in winter.  

I wanted to grow up to be a Mom and a kindergarten teacher. I've always loved kids. Aren't they so sweet, honest, and funny?!

My journey as a children's writer began fairly recently when I paid attention to a kindling in my heart - a desire to write stories for kids. A little voice inside of me said, "go for it!" I am so glad I listened. I write children's picture books with humor, heart, hope and joy! 


My ideas usually come to me in quiet moments - while I'm on a walk, reading, washing dishes or even in the middle of the night. Sometimes one idea can lead to many more ideas!

I love to cook, volunteer at church and school, and just be home with my peeps. I have a fun-loving, dry sense of humor. I love words and language. (Who doesn't?) Sometimes for fun my family will pronounce a word in a funny way. For example, "You look so hand-some" (pronouncing the "d"). Or "I love chips and "sale-sa" (long "a" sound). Or "What's on my "shed-jule" today? ("schedule" pronounced the British way.) See? Language is fun! :) 

Check out my Books page to learn about some of my favorite picture books. 

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